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Multiple award-winning composer and pianist Peter Manning Robinson, will be releasing his debut double-CD album titled DOUBLE HELIX with Heart Dance Records this spring on Friday, April 17th. Robinson is the inventor of The Refractor Piano™ and showcases his unique style and original compositions, colors and sounds, which he calls “Refracted Music” on his new release. 


According to Peter, “the title Double Helix refers to the two strands of piano music on this album. On one disc are eight very evocative, transformational, solo piano improvisations and on the second disc are eight “Refractor Piano™ music” pieces - a new, innovative way to create immersive, never heard before music using Peter’s invention: a single, “Refracted”, acoustic piano. Like helixes of DNA, the two intertwined strands of music are aspects of the same musical voice.” - Peter Manning Robinson. 


The Refractor Piano™ is an acoustic piano (usually a Steinway), fitted with transducers and microphones, whose live sound is “refracted” through a unique, proprietary system of hardware and software created

by pianist composer Peter Manning Robinson and co-developed by filmmaker Klaus Hoch. “As the producer and director of the project, it’s been my pleasure to help craft these stunning compositions/improvisations into an album that takes the listeners on a special, immersive journey.” – Klaus Hoch


Stylistically, all of Peter's music is a hybrid of styles. The solo piano improvs evoke modern Chopinistic pieces (neoclassical with aspects of jazz and a bit of new age), while the Refractor Piano™ music is totally new, a hybrid of many things with an underpinning rhythmic drive (electro-acoustic with aspects of jazz and other things). 


Robinson has an extensive recording and composition background with jazz artists such as Ernie Watts, Phil Woods and Freddie Hubbard. His film and television scores have won multiple awards including an Emmy for KABC’s Above and Below and five BMI Music Awards for Without a Trace. His orchestral works have been recorded by members of The London Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and Music Nova.

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