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Anaamaly is music that is spiritually moving. Instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and meditation. Each soundscape is designed to help take the listener on a journey of self-introspection or pure stillness.


Having explored various genres throughout his musical career such as hip-hop, chill-out, electronica, ambient, dub, and new age, Phil strives to continue evolving and defining his style as a new age/ambient composer and sound designer.


His long-term goal is to continue creating music with the intention of healing and enlightenment –incorporating positive intentions, higher vibrations and empowering affirmations that focus on enhancing love, compassion and self- knowledge. He strives to express a message via his music that there is much more to life than this physical experience, of which he hopes to further explore in future releases.

Anaamaly's Releases
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