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We want to hear from our fans, listeners, customers and loyal family. Drop us a line and we will be in touch! Thank you for your support of Heart Dance!


If you are interested in licensing our music or booking our artists for performances, please use this form.

Success! Message received.

For Prospective Artists

If you are a motivated artist looking to join our family, are creating professionally recorded, mixed and mastered music, are interested in developing a cohesive brand as an artist, actively promoting your music through social media, email and other channels, care about the quality of your music & mission of the label, and want to put the best professional product possible out, contact


Please do not contact us if your music does not fit within our catalog or mission statement. Music is subjective - if we are interested we will contact you.

Submitting demos? We accept links to WAV files only (no physical copies or Mp3, please).

For Prospective Interns

If you are interested in becoming a video creation, playlist pitching or admin intern with Heart Dance please send your resume to

Looking to submit a track for Heart Dance Records playlist consideration?

Click on the image below to submit music through Groover!

Our Team

Sherry Finzer  - President, COO
Main Headquarters
Phoenix, Arizona Office
3655 W. Anthem Way Ste A109-368 85086

Alina Markina - VP of Business Development and Partnerships, Artists Onboarding
Chicago, Illinois Office

Outside in Music - Social Media Team/Webmaster
New York, NY

Cass Anawaty - Producer, Head Engineer
Scottsdale, Arizona

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