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Guitarist/singer-songwriter, Dallas David Ochoa, takes a side step away from the indie rock world and delves into the new age guitar realm with his latest collection of music, “If These Walls” - a 4 track instrumental EP released on Heart Dance Records (April 23rd, 2021)


Native Texan but now residing in Southern New Mexico, Dallas first fell in love with music at a young age through his parents’ record collection. “They’d put on everything from P-Funk to Don McClean, and I specifically remember hearing Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells in its entirety at the end of every listening session. Funk beats, folky guitars, horror movie themes - I took it all in! I was the kid alone at Barnes & Noble on a Saturday night sifting through the CDs taking hours to decide which $20 film score to buy.” 


Initially, Dallas was influenced by the classic electric blues/rock players of the ’70s and ’80s but later adopted the acoustic guitar as his primary instrument after a musical revelation. “Early on I didn’t truly appreciate the power of the acoustic guitar until I discovered artists like Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews, and Kaki King. The acoustic guitar has directly shaped my sound, style, and the overall way that I create music.” 


“If These Walls” Dallas explores the more textural, ambient, and lyrical spaces of the acoustic guitar with light electric bass and electronic flourishes throughout and are transcendent ear candy. Producer Cass Anawaty and Dallas have an over 10-year history of collaboration – from first meeting in the indie scene of Portland, OR, and forming a power trio (Dallas Ochoa Trio) to now releasing a contemporary instrumental record. 


The tracks on “If These Walls” were inspired by the many legends, ghost stories, and myths from some of the more note-worthy locales Dallas has come across in his travels. “I want these songs to evoke the feeling you get when you walk through an old hotel drenched in history or the comforting chill you get on a deserted beach blanketed in so much fog that you can’t tell where the ocean ends or where the sky begins. I hope it’s a calming soundtrack on your stroll past an abandoned weather-worn gristmill or to the oasis of your mind.”

Listen to "Bordertown Glows" on the SXM Spa Channel as well as radio stations around the globe.

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