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David W. Donner

David W Donner is a guitarist and multi-instrumental composer of New Age style music. He was shaped by all styles of music, bringing a unique blend of influences to his compositions. His arrangements usually center around guitar parts, layered with synth and percussive elements, but sometimes feature other instruments, such as piano or strings. David’s studies included classical, acoustic (modern fingerstyle) and electric guitar, as well as piano.


Before focusing on composition as a solo artist, he played with a number of indie-rock bands. His solo work has been charted on Zone Music Reporter and One World Music Radio. David’s first memories of music were, as a young child, circling the living room on a Big Wheel while popular music of the 60’s and 70’s emitted from his parents’ sound system. When first learning to play and write music, he used it as a form of therapy, to cope with life’s many difficulties, which included growing up with an adverse neurological condition. He now says: “Music has helped me heal, through a lot of hard times. My hope is that others will find peace and healing through the music I create.”

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