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Sound Currents by Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer reviewed

Close your eyes and let the body and mind sink into neutral, allowing the beautiful waves of ambient sound to wash over you commencing a journey of peace and healing, courtesy of the immensely talented Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer, as they have once again combined their talents to create Sound Currents, the perfect medium to connect to the very essence of your being.

Tom Moore has spent many years creating and performing music that he considers is ‘intimately interwoven with his path as an explorer of consciousness’, music that is transcendent, music which inspires and creates an awareness of an inner spiritual presence.

Classically trained flautist Sherry Finzer has moved across many genres with her music to find a special niche in the New Aged and ambient chamber music genre, where she works with a vast range of artists in varying styles. Her instruments of choice, low flutes, are used on Sound Currentsto add a certain mystique to the collaborative pieces that enhance the deep meditative qualities of the songs.



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