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Growing up in Kansas City, MO, Ross Christopher grew up in an environment full of creativity, singing and playing instruments, fostered by his parent’s love of music. He began playing the violin at the age of 3, studying the Suzuki method, and by the time he reached middle school, he was playing in local youth symphonies and holding private concerts.

Ross studied violin on scholarship at Truman State and gradually began composing, recording and producing music, starting SiloTree Studios. He has also spent many years touring the world as an indie-folk singer/songwriter, being billed with groups like Sleeping at Last, Jars of Clay, Andrew Belle, Neulore, The Wallflowers, The Black Crowes, Sucre, and many more, He has recorded strings for projects featured on Grey's Anatomy, The HUB Network, The CW, CNN, documentaries, and commercials, as well as for the groups' Jars of Clay and RAC.


His new 4-track EP, Everything We Know Fades Away, is a showcase for his recently discovered love of electronic music inspired by the likes of Hammock, Sleeping At Last, Explosions in the Sky, Bonobo, and Eluvium. Everything We Know Fades Away will be released as a digital-only EP on Heart Dance Records.

Look for Ross's second release with Heart Dance, "Alternate Future", this spring.

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