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Scott Reich

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Scott Reich is a classically trained composer with a Doctorate in Music Composition from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has spent much time exploring the landscapes of New Age, Ambient, Atmospheric, and Cinematic genres, as well as music for film. His compositions display a great understanding of harmonic structure complexities that are quite moving and pleasant to the ear.

He is also an ardent lover of Nature, who loves hiking either in the mountains or on the coastline in the vicinity of his home in San Diego. He has a deep and somewhat indescribable connection to Kona, Hawaii, where he lived for about 12 years, prior to San Diego. In some ways, it will always  be his home regardless of where he lives.

"My only desire for my music is that it be a blessing. If it achieves its purpose in you, then we are both blessed. And if not, I am still blessed that you have read this far. In either case, I send my love."

Scott's release Interbeing: Elements of Connection received a nomination from One World Music Radio for Best New Age Album 2020. His music can be heard on radio stations around the globe.

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