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Tom Moore is a multi-instrumentalist who creates, plays, and produces meditative, ambient, atmospheric and electronic music. He states that the music he creates and performs comes from, and is intimately interwoven with, his path as an explorer of consciousness.

Tom's music has been heard on New Age genre music stations, including the syndicated "Hearts of Space", and was included in the awards winning "Illumination" video production that also included music by Steven Halpern and Jonn Serrie.

"Whispers from Silence", with award-winning flutist and composer Sherry Finzer, received nominations from Zone Music Reporter for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2016, and One World Music Radio for Best New Age Album 2016. Music from Whispers from Silence can be heard on the Sirius XM Spa Channel, Pandora, and other streaming sites.

Recent Release
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