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Darin Mahoney

Darin Mahoney blends his country and bluegrass styles into gentle contemporary instrumental melodies. In 2013, he released a collaboration album with flutist Sherry Finzer, called Transformation, which won Album of the Year from One World Music in the UK. His song Confused, from his solo album In the Grain, was placed in the documentary Absent.


GRAMMY® winning guitarist and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman has written of Darin’s music: “Darin’s stock in trade is melody. The forms are traditional and familiar, but the melodies, heartfelt without exception, are all Darin’s. The overall impression is of being in a place you know well and love deeply, but being suddenly amazed one afternoon that the view is so spectacular.”


Darin is a luthier and performs and records on his hand-built guitar made of koa wood and cedar. As a Stage 4 Liver Cancer survivor, he composes and records music in the hopes of helping others get through dark times with the aid of music.

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