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Doug Morton & Russ Jones

Douglas Morton started playing keyboards shortly after he was born to an amazing family in Cupertino, California. He was fascinated by keyboards, organs, and pianos from an early age. Riding his bike down to the local organ/piano store, he quickly made a pest of himself by playing every single instrument in the store. The annoyed (and charmed, no doubt) employees quickly realized that Douglas wasn't going away. After numerous calls to his parents, they finally broke down and purchased his first organ, the Thomas Californian. He then proceeded to serenade his family and the neighbors with non-stop organ playing, his renditions of Santana, Gershwin, and the Beatles were enjoyed (and tolerated) throughout his otherwise quiet middle-class Cupertino suburb. He was a demo artist for Thomas Organs appearing in Santa Cruz and Monterey during his childhood. Attending school in Cupertino and Victoria, BC, he played in bands through his teen years and then later migrated back to Santa Cruz, California.

Douglas’s albums feature guests from multiple genres: Windham Hill guitar virtuoso Alex Degrassi, Santana bassist Benny Rietveld and many more.

Meeting Russ Jones through a mutual friend in 2019, Douglas and Russ set up a jam at Douglas’s house in Park City, Utah. After chatting a bit, they plugged in and an immediate magical and musical flow occurred. Fortunately, the record button was hit and the entire two-hour session was recorded. Upon later listening, they realized how strong the connection is between them. Morton’s cinematic orchestral pads provide an ocean of texture for Jones' soaring flute lines creating sonic images allowing the listener's imagination to run wild and free. Morton Jones albums are not layered and built, they’re all played live in the studio enabling them to empathize musically and psychically.

Russ Jones is a Utah-based flutist, originally from the mountains of California. Russ’ musical journey began with his spiritual trip to Mexico, where he purchased his first flute in 2011. As a self-taught flutist, Russ first developed a connection with a Native American style flute, before expanding his arsenal to include flutes from around the world. Jones’ first solo album was recorded in 2014, after which Russ began to perform at house concerts, new age festivals, and work as a studio musician for film scores. Jones’ flute collection includes historical Native American Flutes, including the Shakuhachi, and the Kaval.

Doug Morton
Russ Jones
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