Ivan Teixeira

Ivan Teixeira is a Brazilian keyboard player/producer - living in Sao Paulo Working for a long time as a performer, sideman, composer, singer, songwriter - his career touch many segments. It's hard to define a specific guideline for your work, but the easiest way to describe his passion and dedication. Working as a performer, he played in all important stages in Brazil, all over the country. He also played in Japan, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Cabo Verde. As a sideman, worked with important artists in Brazil. He composed music for many projects: film, dance, advertising, multimedia arts. As a singer and songwriter, has a great collection of materials, recorded for some important artists as well. Now he working in your specific projects. Ideas that had born in your own heart. Projects that he has a possibility to put your own vision. There is much more to come. There is a lot of interesting projects that will make your music known.

Ivan's song "Malvin" can be heard on the SXM Spa Channel. 

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