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M. Cross Dougherty

Multi-instrumentalist and producer, M. Cross Dougherty, stepped into the vibrant music scene of North Carolina and was quickly signed by Lost Cat Records. With the label, he released two full-length albums, "Shadows in the Light" and "In Dreams," the latter serving as a thematic foray into Neil Gaiman's world of The Sandman. Following these releases, M. Cross Dougherty developed music under the moniker Lake Isle, hearkening to shoegaze and dream pop pioneers The Chameleons and Slowdive. Lake Isle evolved into a five-piece dream-pop outfit known for its robust celestial sound. The band took a hiatus following the EP "Wake Up" and LP "Winter Lights" and a lengthy touring schedule. In the years to follow, M. Cross Dougherty uncovered a passion for FM synthesis, looping techniques, sampling, and analog production; and soon developed an arsenal of ambient and drone tracks akin to the stylings of r beny, Jogging House, Windy & Carl, and Chihei Hatakeyama. M. Cross Dougherty's music is the kind you would expect to hear in your dreams; it's serene and hopeful, calmingly anthemic, and engagingly present.

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