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M. Cross Dougherty

M. Cross Dougherty is a North Carolina-based multi-instrumentalist and ambient producer. Serene and engagingly present. Dougherty writes with a nod to pioneers in the industry, such as Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, and Hiroshi Yoshimura, to modern practitioners r beny, Jogging House, and Chihei Hatakeyama. He signed with the New Age music label Heart Dance Records in late 2022; and followed suit with his EP's, "Turning Point" and "Cosmic Engine." His ethereal instrumentals garnered international radio play, and unanimously positive acclaim from New Age Music Guide, One World Music, and Stolace Relay, to name a few. Dougherty's upcoming EP, "Particles/Waves," fuses synthesis and organic samples to color the illustrious themes of experimental circumstance and duality as present in quantum mechanics. Here, notes represent color and light; bending and circulating in a serene and atmospheric whole.

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