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Michael Wilson

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Award winning electronic composer Michael Wilson is changing the face of New Age with what can only be described as "Epic Chill”. Michael came onboard Heart Dance Record in 2018 under his music name ELEON with his first Electronic chill-step release, “Dreams Beyond Terra” co-produced with David Helping.

Since that time, Michael has released other full ELEON titles such as “Flight Lounge” and “Cerulean” as well as several singles including "Floating Just Above You" featuring world renowned electric guitarist Jeff Pearce. Several ELEON tracks can be heard on the SXM Spa Channel and many international airlines.

At this time, Michael is producing a multitude of music into three separate projects. With ELEON being the first with continuing releases to come, as well as two single tracks, “Retrofit” and “Carefree” under his name, “Michael L. Rogers”. In November 2020, Michael brought a new project under a new music name Time Traveler with his album “Sky Falter”.

Since Michael’s start date at Heart Dance, he has won the 2019 ZMR Award for “Best Electronic Album Of The Year” with his second album, “Flight Lounge”.

Recent Release
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Michael's Releases
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