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Mike Clay

Mike Clay has been playing space music since the 1970’s when he bought his first synthesizer – an Octave Cat.  His music is influenced by the early European electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze and by newer musicians such as Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jim Ottaway and Craig Padilla.

Mike has released albums starting in 1983 when Rainbow Voyagers was released with Tom Moore under the name of Crystal. In the mid 80’s Mike released 3 cassette albums under the name Star Zeit.

Currently retired from teaching and returning to his roots, Mike released a second album with Tom Moore - Beyond Our Orbit. His newest release Somewhere in Space and Time is a follow-up to his very successful solo release Imaginary Edges in 2020. is also preparing a new solo album in his Dreaming Sun recording studio on Maui.

Most of his current music is meditative in nature and is an exploration of various states of mind. Mike considers his music to be soundtracks for inner journeys – imaginary journeys into positive mind states and dreams. His music can be heard on the SXM Spa Channel as well as radio stations around the planet.

Mike's Releases
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Latest release
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