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Charles Szczepanek - Moments of Reflection

"Moments of Reflection" is a journey through one day, morning to evening, taking in the view from a solitary park bench, near a tree lined sidewalk, overlooking a still pond on a calm and windless summer day. Each track gives a sense of calm and peacefulness, but in a slightly different way: from the mystery of "The Park Bench (dusk)" where as the light fades all of what our onlooker sees is cast in dim shadow and difficult to understand; to the still, serene, and almost floating nature of "The Stillness of Water," where the music is literally "reflected" and inverted like a mirror, just like how perfectly calm water reflects it's surroundings; to "Evening Lights" that musically personifies the warmth cast by the glow of soft orange lights on the sidewalk and the sense of grounded-ness as our onlooker begins to walk home. Charles hopes that you will journey with him through this day on the park bench, finding your inner peace, your own moments of reflection.


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