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Gary Schmidt - Ancient Time Telling

"'Ancient Time Telling' by Gary Schmidt is a single inspired by the recent discovery of cliff drawings on the Tennessee River that were found to be an ancient lunar calendar. The calendar tells the time by using shadows from the sun. In the piece, Gary did a beautiful job of imagining what it would feel like to be living in an ancient civilization, contemplating the lunar skies, perhaps while sitting by the slowly-moving river. The piece is a piano and cello duet that features Gary on piano and Hannah Alkire (from Acoustic Eidelon) on cello. The pace of the piece is relaxed and graceful, suggesting times that were simpler and much less stressful. It's a wonderful piece and suggests a variety of soothing visual images."

- Kathy Parsons

From Gary,

"This song was inspired by a recent discovery of cliff drawings on the banks of the Tennessee river that scientists have now determined was an ancient calendar that can accurately predict the 13-year lunar cycle of the moon through the shadows of the sun. In this music, I attempt to capture the feeling of both the ancient wisdom and the mystery of time."


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