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Sherry Finzer - Spirit Guides

Embark on a mesmerizing voyage through the celestial realms with "Spirit Guides," the latest opus from the world-renowned New Age/Ambient flutist, Sherry Finzer. Crafted and recorded at the legendary acoustic marvel, The Tank in Rangely, CO, where reverb can linger for up to an astonishing 45 seconds, this album transcends boundaries and takes the listener on an immersive sonic adventure.

Sherry Finzer, hailed for her mastery of the flute in the realms of New Age and Ambient music, weaves a tapestry of ethereal melodies that resonate within the acoustically rich confines of The Tank. The reverberations serve as a celestial canvas upon which Sherry paints heartfelt tributes to the influencers who have left an indelible mark on her journey, whether they remain in the physical realm or have transitioned into the spirit world.

As a maestro of both modern and Native American style flutes, Sherry Finzer utilizes her extensive collection to breathe life into compositions that pay homage to the enduring connections she shares with those who have shaped her life. "Spirit Guides" is not merely an album; it's a sonic sanctuary where love, memory, and connection converge.

In a touching and inclusive gesture, Sherry extends her musical reach to honor the spirit guides of her dedicated fans. Each note resonates with love and dedication, creating a harmonious bridge between the artist and her audience. The result is a deeply personal and spiritually enriching experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Spirit Guides is a collection of mesmerizing solo flute melodies recorded at The Tank in Rangely CO. Not only have these songs been composed and created for people and spirits who have influenced Sherry’s life, but also those that have brought inspiration to some of her biggest fans.

1) North Star – dedicated to Brad Butler, commissioned by his wife and love of his life Barbara, recorded on a Native American-style flute in the Key of F

2) Brilliance – commissioned by Bobby, this song is dedicated to Bretta, who shares a father/daughter relationship even though not related by DNA. Recorded on my Yamaha gold-brass alto flute.

3) Secret of the Andes – created for Kevin in memory of a writer who was a huge inspiration to him, Ann Nolan Clark. Her stories were introduced to him by his 3rd-grade teacher, and they continue to lead him through his life’s journey today. Recorded on a Guo Bass flute.

4) Soliloquy – recorded on a Native American drone flute for Bobby, a Vietnam veteran who uses music as an aid for tinnitus, and has been an inspiration to me

5) A Walk Through Quiet – This song is dedicated to my own Spirit Guides who connect with me during meditation, and help to guide and bring me to a more peaceful state with the knowledge that there is a higher power providing insight along my journey. Recorded on my Guo Grenaditte concert c flute.

6) Healing Hands – recorded on a Guo Tenor Flute, was commissioned by Bobby for his massage therapist Gloria, who has helped Bobby along his journey of healing

7) Over Clouds and Mountain Tops – Mrs. Gould was my 3rd-grade teacher. Every Friday, at the end of the day, if the class had behaved and gotten our work done, Mrs. Gould would have us sit in a circle and she would sit in the middle with her guitar, and play and sing for us. She instilled a love of music in me, and this composition on alto flute is dedicated to her.

8) The Seeker- composed for Gary, a long-time fan and supporter, who has shared his immense knowledge and guidance regarding world flutes. Recorded on a Butch Hall Native-American flute in the key of E.

9) With Open Arms – recorded on my Yamaha alto flute and dedicated to my flute teacher Glennda Dove-Pellito who took me back as an adult student with open arms in the summer of 2000, and convinced me that I could do things that I had only dreamed of in the past. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her positive encouragement and support.

10) Safe Haven – Howard Rowe was my high school band teacher. No longer on this earth, his upbeat attitude and encouragement were not only extremely important during my high school years, but continue today. Shy and withdrawn from trauma that happened in my childhood, hanging out in the band room was always a “safe haven” for me. This song was recorded on my Pearl 14k concert C flute.

Join Sherry Finzer on this transformative musical odyssey, where her flute becomes a vessel for the ethereal. The reverberant ambiance of The Tank elevates every note, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that invites introspection and contemplation. "Spirit Guides" is a testament to Sherry's unparalleled artistry, a fusion of passion and connection that echoes through the corridors of both memory and eternity.


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