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tom eaton - 'when clouds give way to stars'

From Tom,

"So much of the last few years has been about clarity, about learning to see myself, and learning to relax into a life that is full of exploration and gratitude. I remember sitting on the beach one night, watching the sky slowly shift with the faint light of the moon softly illuminating the clouds. As the clouds slowly evaporated a whole new world appeared, and it made me realize that what we can see at any given time is such a small part of what is really there.

This was the last piece written for the album. The first inklings of it appeared November 7, 2020. I thought "the world" was going to be the last piece for a long time, but it had a hard ending and I really wanted the album to fade. After many discussions with myself we agreed that I should open the door one more time to see what might arrive and this piece rolled right in."


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