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Majestica is the chill/groove project created by flutist Sherry Finzer and musician and multi-instrumentalist and engineer Cass Anawaty. Nashville guitarist Brian Fechino joined the duo in 2019 to add his magical talent to the group. Flute melodies soar over deep and lush synth tracks, accompanied by electric guitar, bass and drums.


Majestica's album In the Midst of Stars was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for the RoundGlass Music Awards 2018. Auriga to Orion was awarded the Best Chill/Groove Album 2018 from Zone Music Reporter. Majestica made a live appearance on the Echoes Living Room Concert Series (fall 2019) with Brian Fechino, and soon after began work on their EP Spire.


Music from Majestica's first two releases are featured on the SXM Spa Channel, and music from all three albums is broadcast on the long-running NPR show Echoes as well as radio stations around the globe.

Majestica is now booking live performances - contact Heart Dance Records for more information.

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Recent Release
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Majestica's Releases
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