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Don Latarski - Verity

From Don,

"This diverse collection of songs spans a wide range of styles, from serene and contemplative (Blueberry Morning, JMB, Alpenglow, Riverside, Silver Lining, and Verity) to playful and funky Shuffala. In between is the atmospheric Murmuration, which uses the pointillism technique of “flocks” of single notes to create washes of tonality that shift almost imperceptibly, similar to the technique used by Steve Reich in his Music for 18 Musicians piece. One For Leo is my ode to Leo Kottke, who has been an inspiration for many years.

Lastly, West With the Night is my interpretation of a solo flight made by Beryl Markham in 1936. She was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from east to west in a non-stop flight. It was a harrowing experience and it is this journey that I was thinking of when I wrote this song. It is also the name of the book by Markham. In this memoir, she describes her extraordinary childhood in Kenya and later adventures as a bush pilot. "


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