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Sherry Finzer

Sherry Finzer believes that music can be used as a tool to create healing. Her musical journey has taken her from classical to jazz, pop, world, and flamenco, to today, where she feels her music does the best work by helping to calm, soothe and bring people to a state where they can begin to use music as a tool to heal. Fueled by stories shared by followers and fans of Sherry explaining how her music ahs helped them to deal with stress, depression, and physical ailments such as tinnitus, stroke, and cancer, she records, performs, composes, and runs Heart Dance Records, a label consisting of artists with a focus on creating music to be used to help mentally and physically heal. Sherry specializes in the low flutes - alto, bass, and contrabass, as well as Native flutes. 


Sherry's music can be heard on SXM Spa Channel (68)PandoraSpotify, Music Choice Soundscapes, Galaxie Spa Channel, Calm Radio, River of Calm, Journeyscapes, international radio programming, multiple airlines, and overhead music channels. She was one of the first musicians asked to live stream on the Insight Timer app and performs weekly on this platform. Recently Sherry's song "Distant Rivers" was programmed on the PBS show "From Sea to Shining Sea".

She has recorded over 40 New Age & Contemporary Instrumental albums and EP's as well as multiple singles. She has performed and toured with Darin Mahoney, Cass Anawaty, Scott Cossu, Fiona Joy Hawkins, 7-time GRAMMY Nominee Will Clipman and Mark Holland, is a featured artist on the GRAMMY Nominated Album "The Passenger" by Cheryl Engelhardt, and has collaborated with multiple New Age artists such as Cass Anawaty (Majestica), Lynn Tredeau, Joseph Akins, Greg Maroney, Mark Holland, Cathy Oakes, Darin Mahoney, Will Clipman, VeeRonna Ragone and Michael Martinez.

Sherry is the founder, president and CEO of Heart Dance Records as well as Higher Level Media, a radio promotions company for instrumental musicians.

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