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Don Latarski

Known more for his jazz and blues recordings, Don Latarski creates music as a gift back to nature. Inspired by journies through the eastern part of Oregon, California, and Arizona, Don's music is a free-ranging soundscape of surprising acoustic guitar-based textures, rhythms, and melodies.


Vintage Guitar Magazine has described Don Latarski as " a guitarist of great taste and chops." Latarski's fluid, uniquely American style incorporates genres from jazz and blues to rockabilly and swing.  

Latarski is an author and publisher of over 20 books on guitar instruction and has recorded 17 albums.

Five-star review for Don Latarski and his album River in Vintage Guitar Magazine!

"Gorgeous fingerstyle acoustic from the Northwest master, reflecting Latarski’s love of the outdoors. There’s an ethereal, ECM-like vibe to the nine-part “River Suite,” bringing to mind Metheny, Towner, and Abercrombie in its enchanting textures. Mesmerizing looper effects show up in “Serpentine,” while Don creates intricate harmonics patterns on “Full Circle.” Surely one of the most beautiful guitar albums of recent memory."

Pete Brown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Dec. 2018​​​​​

Don's releases can be heard on radio stations around the world, including the long-running NPR show Echoes. Several tracks from his three releases on Heart Dance Records can be heard on the SXM Spa Channel.

"Unlike a few very talented guitarists I’ve invested time in over the years who managed to find some beautiful chord changes or fingering that created a song by the mere act of repetition, Don's music feels as if you are breathing in and out of it; nothing is rushed unless you intentionally want that effect, but instead, the spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves." - Andy (fan)

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