Sherry Finzer

Sherry Finzer believes that music can heal. Listeners contact her daily to let her know how much her music helps them in physical/mental healing, tinnitus, stress relief, and overall well-being.


She is a Phoenix-based flutist, performer, and composer, and runs Heart Dance Records – a label consisting of artists with a focus on healing music. Whether creating ethereal music for Spas, or more upbeat melodies for road trips, her magical tones are created by “low flute” instruments, of which include the alto, bass, and contrabass flutes., as well as Native and World flutes.


Sherry's newest solo flute release, "Renewal", has received global airplay and was recorded at The Tank in Rangely, CO. Other 2021 releases include singles with pianists Greg Maroney, Joseph Akins, and Cathy Oakes.


You can hear Sherry's music in regular rotation on the SXM Spa Channel, Music Choice, and multiple US and International airlines.

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The Gentle Night Surrounds Us Greg Maron
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